Thursday, 5 November 2009

Remember remember...

Been so long since I updated here... I've been so busy. Started a new job to help get some money ready for Christmas (I know its like nearly 2 months away, but you know how Christmas is... ?). This new place I'm working at does Nails (and waxing) soooo... I was thinking maybe one day, when I get the money to actually open up a shop, I could set aside a corner with a couple of tables to do nails as well. Maybe? It'll be like a place where you could do some shopping, do your nails, and maybe get a healthy juice drink or something? - all that minus the high-street prices... what do you think?

Bonfire night (Guy Fawkes) tonight, my dog is shaking like a leaf - he's so scared of all the banging. Don't think we'll be going for a walk tonight... will have to watch the fireworks from the window.

Have fun everyone!